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Cooper Gray Robotics LLC is an Oakland, California based design, engineering and manufacturing company that is becoming a leader in automating the heavy equipment industry through its Smart Control™ and remote control conversions for machines used in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry.



CGR has developed a proprietary control hardware/software architecture capable of operating a broad range of heavy equipment using real time remote control or preprogrammed, smart tasking. A suite of inputs from visual scanners, radar, sonar, lidar, infrared mapping, and GPS will inform the Smart Control™ technology. The control board is flexible and will be able to incorporate new sensor technologies as they are introduced.




An organic vineyard needing a plough, forklift, tractor, etc. One that does not spray
diesel emissions on its fields and crops.

A major grain shipper that sends skid steers into the holds of its ships where the
air is filled with toxic fumes and does not want to risk the health of the operator.

A demolition company working in its normal hazardous environment that
constantly threatens the skid steer operator with falling material and toxic dust.

Firefighters want to build a fire break in the midst of a raging forest fire.
Fire officials can operate ROEBL from a safe distance.

Our Team

Paul Cooper, CEO

Paul Cooper, a pioneer in the electric car industry, clean-tech entrepreneur in residential solar,
and successful small business operator in the construction industry.
Past president of the East Bay Chapter of the Electric Automobile Association.

Justin Gray, CTO

Justin Gray, an inventor and engineer with twenty years experience designing robots and other high-tech machines.  
He has been featured in articles in The New York Times, Wired, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.
His show Machine Men will debut on Discovery’s Science channel in 2016.

Isaac Cronin, Marketing 
Isaac Cronin has consulted with several electric manufacturers in various stages of development.
He is the co-founder of two manufacturing companies with sustainably focused products.

Nathan Mariels, Electrical Engineering

Nathan is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in hardware and software design.
He was a NASA space grant fellow and a director in the testing division of Spirent Communications.
He holds a patent in battery management technology.

Sam Gawthorp, Robot Design

Sam graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in software programming.
He works at Planet Labs, a San Francisco based spacecraft manufacturing firm, as a software
programmer and has extensive experience in robot design and construction.



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Paul Cooper
Isaac Cronin